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Born Into Sisterhood - A Memoir

I am a traveler.  I've been abroad often and have lived several places in the US.  And everywhere I go, I form a sisterhood. It's just something I do because I was born into it. It's the air I breathe.

I was born one of many and  grew up in the culturally diverse city of Philadelphia.  Being the last of seven girls is electrifying. Though I am loosing my sisters, one by one, to illness at this point in time, they are always with me.

Usually my writing consist of short stories and articles. The idea of writing a memoir was sparked while I was working on the wedding plaque that is displayed on my cover picture.  By the time I was seven I had been in six weddings and the plaque is of my sisters' weddings. Every plaque has it's own heart beat and there is such joy in that plaque that it could indeed make a small memoir. The working title of my themed memoir:  Born Into Sisterhood.


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