Where Memories and Storytelling Meet.

Where Memories and Storytelling Meet.

Where Memories and Storytelling Meet.Where Memories and Storytelling Meet.Where Memories and Storytelling Meet.

Come on Board at the Story Board Station

Storyboard Station is an idea born of my passion for the arts as well as my need to connect one era to another, one individual to another.  As a writer, bringing my characters to life by creating a visual piece of wall art made the experience of writing even more fun.  

This endeavor began after writing a short story about my character, Brandy O'Shea.  Like many writers,  my characters are so real to me that I can picture them as real people, so I decided to give them their very own storyboard wall plaques.  On the plaque to the right in the above picture with three women and a hummingbird, Brandy is the women in the middle.  The short story takes place in a garden.  

I'm a kitchen and bath designer when I'm not writing, I'm designing. As a designer I spend hours talking to my clients about their lives and their living spaces.  I'm always honored when someone allows me into their home in order to help them create more functional living space. The topic of de-cluttering often comes up when they show me closets and/or drawers of memorabilia that they just don't know what to do with.  Wall plaques may be a way  to reduce your photo count.  Just ask yourself, "Do I really need all these pictures for this birthday party?"   It may be that just one photo with a short story can renew the joy experienced at that event. 

We all have beautiful memories, and  keeping them hidden away in the drawer is not the best way to enjoy them, yet that is often what we do.  If you think you'd rather have them somewhere that you can see them, then maybe a collage storyboard or a wood plaque is just the right thing for you.   

Bringing characters/memories to life is the heart and soul of this endeavor. Whether it's a well-loved family member/friend from an old picture or a well-loved character from a book, they can be more effective if you let them out of the drawer.

A Creative Tool for New Characters and Old Memories